Protect Against Computer Viruses

Best Ways To Protect Against Computer Viruses

There are several ways to Protect You against Computer Viruses 1. Using a standard user account 2. Setting it with the Highest User Account Control (UAC) 3. Protect your account with an Antivirus Web Security 4. Automatically set Java update 5. Use Windows that are Up to Date 6. Using Windows Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

Using a standard user account

The first thing is to ensure that you are using standard user account on daily basis, and not an administrative account. The reason why most we have computer viruses these days are because they drive-by without user usage of the computer. This really requires one to be an administrative user to work effectively and accordingly to enable a good functionality of the computer. If you are an ordinary standard user and you do not have the administrative permission to access, which is not a big deal. Then it means that the virus cannot be installed automatically into the computer. But if it then it implies that it is not going to have the easy access to hide itself in the system files. So if you have an effective antivirus program running, it will be much easier to remove any virus you detects. So what you need to do is to have an administrative account separately so you can be granted the privilege to access it. And ensure you make it a standard account. If you really need to do something that requires the administrative permission, then it will simply ask for the password to access the computer before accepting you in else you won’t be given the privilege. So this is really something I advise to do. And many people may be saying, “all this is too much to bear. I do not need all this”. But definitely is worth it and worth doing well. Because it going to protect you especially from computer viruses and keep you less stress and cost.

Setting it with the Highest User Account Control (UAC)

This should be done by having the highest user account control setting on the computer system. It might be annoying a little bit. But it’s really helpful in stopping computer viruses from doing things and installing itself when you do not even know about it. So if you are running on a PDF or another. And all of a sudden you get a pop-up message from the user control saying that something is trying to modify a system file. You can deny it yourself once you notice that pop-up message. However if you don’t set it to work that way then it might try installing itself. And you won’t even know about it. So that is something you should definitely do a little bit more annoying. But it is definitely, something one need to do if one want to get secured with the computer.

Protect your account with an Antivirus Web Security

This might be a little bit hard but antivirus with web protection is better. And the reason why it’s so is to block you from accessing the computer viruses. Which you didn’t even know it was there. In the first place antivirus such as ESET NOD32, this exactly what I like about it is because when to go to a website that might have some virus in them. If you then click on it, it will block you from accessing it completely. And you don’t need to worry again about it. So I strongly believe it’s a good idea to have an antivirus running. But most people do say, “Its common sense”. But sometimes you can’t afford it. So you can go and search Google for it. And you can visit a compromised website. You didn’t know of. Just Google and download the latest version. You want to have some sort of antivirus for this situation. When you don’t even know you are engaging in any kind of risk behavior.

Automatically set Java update

Java is a really common kind of software. This runs on a lot of computers. But a lot of new exploits are coming out for invulnerability. So you must make sure it’s up to date. What I often do is to make sure I have daily update checks enables and get is enabled by “notifying me before installing”. So it downloads automatically and notifies you even before installing and not just before it downloads. Doing it that way whenever the updates are ready you can just click it and confirm the installation. It won’t update automatically as far as I am concerned. So the sore reason you want to do daily checks for updates is because of the zero-day exploits.

Use Windows that are Up to Date

This is really a good idea to include and enable updates automatically for windows. On like Windows 10, where it especially need to be enabled. But simply make sure that you enable the updates security and don’t put an offer for that so long. Because there are important updates one need to go through. It will definitely block the vulnerabilities exploits. And it’s so important to keep your windows up to date has we do have some newly virus threats.

Using Windows Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

Lastly, l really want to talk about this interesting cool program called Windows Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). This is a developed program by Microsoft Co-operation. But basically, what it does is to safe guard against exploits on the computer system. This is how it works, you download the program on your computer, and it will run and then monitor all the necessary programs you have set has your default list on the computer. It is cool program which protects your computer from viruses attack. Protecting your computer from viruses is the most important tools that can make your computer work efficiently and effectively for longer time ahead. We need all the basic tools mentioned above to help fight computer viruses and stay free from it.


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