The History of Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows is a combination or a mixture of various graphical operating systems, each catering to some sectors of the computer industry. Its initial release goes back to 1985, all being developed and marketed by Microsoft. Windows NT and Windows Embedded are the two active families of Windows with each having subcategories like the Windows Embedded Compact or Server and other defunct ones are Windows Mobile, Windows 9x and Windows Phone.

History of Microsoft Windows

With the advent of Windows by Microsoft on 20th November 1985, seeing the growing interest in the graphical user interface, it has been ruling the computers of people, even beating the Apple MAC OS.  Apple does not find this operating system fair according to their creation but still, it is the most common as well as the most used operating system until today. However, there have been some shifts in their sales due to the growing market of Android phones with everyone owning a smartphone these days. Windows 1.0 came out to compete with Apple Lisa as it was released before Macintosh. It was not a huge success as it was not even a full operating system with no overlapping of windows and few components like calculator, clock, notes etc.

Different versions over the years

Microsoft did not stop and kept releasing new versions with new and improved features, trying its level best to compete with other operating systems which eventually lead it to be where it is today. The MICROSOFT WINDOWS versions after Windows 1.0 are:


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